Greece: Oil Tanker Runs Aground Near the Island of Milos

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A Greek oil tanker carrying thousands of tons of fuel ran aground on Wednesday morning near the port of Milos, an island in the Aegean Sea, although there is currently no oil leak, according to port police.

“Having sailed from Lesbos, an island in the northeast of the Aegean, and bound for Milos (southeast), the ‘Fres’ oil tanker, with a Greek flag, ran aground in front of the port of Adamas in Milos, causing no injuries or contamination for the time being “, Said to the AFP a person in charge of the press office of the port police.

The ‘Fres’, which belongs to a Greek maritime company registered in Piraeus, the large port near Athens, “has 16 crew members who are all safe and sound,” he added.

A patrol boat and an anti-pollution ship were sent to the site to help the tanker, according to the same source.

Greece: Oil Tanker Runs Aground Near the Island of Milos

In September of last year, an old oil tanker, which was anchored in the port of Piraeus, sank, leaking about 2,500 tons of fuel and fuel for ships, causing huge layers of pollution on the beaches near the coastal periphery. from the south of Athens.



Source: La Tercera