Graphic Video: Fisherman Cuts Open Fish, and What He Finds Inside is Horrifying

Shocking footage of garbage pulled from the stomach of a dead fish highlights the terrifying level of pollution in our oceans.

The horrifying clip was filmed by a fisherman off the coast of Costa Rica, who cut open the fish after hauling it on board his boat.

The fisherman said he believed the fish was unwell and wanted to examine what was causing the mysterious sickness.

Once he had dissected the fish, the worker discovered a terrifying array of man-made objects inside its body.

In the film, you can clearly see plastic lids, a comb and even a lighter being yanked out from the fish’s insides.

The creature is believed to be a mahi-mahi, better known as the common dolphinfish.

The dolphinfish is highly sought after for both sport fishing and commercial fishing.

Its habitats include the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.


Source: NY Post