Google To Build a New Submarine Cable That Will Link Japan, Guam and Australia

The system will allow faster Internet and more stability in the region.

Earlier this year Google revealed that they planned to expand their global infrastructure with submarine cables in new regions to better serve their customers, and today we have the company has announced that they will build a new submarine cable that will connect Japan, Guam and Australia.

This system will form a ring that will provide faster and more stable Internet in five regions of Asia and Australia including the main markets of Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore.

The new submarine wiring based on the APAC system will have two pairs of fibres that will connect Japan with Guam and two pairs of fibres that will connect Guam with Sidney, in a very simple task that will be in the hands of NEC Corporation and Alcatel Submarine Networks to form a segment of 9500 kilometres.

Google will build a new submarine cable that will link Japan, Guam and Australia

This investment will allow Google Cloud Platform users to have access to low latency routes and continues to demonstrate the company’s interest in the Asia-Pacific region where it has already carried out similar projects.


Source: FayerWayer