‘The German Navy is Running Out of Useful Warships’

The German Navy is running out of ships that are fit for combat and will soon be unable to deploy after the retirement of several frigates and auxiliary ships due to their seniority, warns the president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Parliament, Hans-Peter Bartels.

“It’s a real disaster for the Navy, it’s the first time in history that there will not be any U-Boot (the name for the German submarine ships) operating for months,” says Bartels in an interview published on Sunday. in the Berlin weekly Bild am Sonntag.

The problem, explains the influential lawmaker, member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD, for its acronym in German), has been accumulated over time, not replacing the vehicles that were leaving aside for too old.

Of 15 frigates that were, six have already been dismantled and “none of the frigates of the new Type 125 are able” to enter into activity, a similar situation goes through the auxiliary ships, the Berlin and the Bonn, which were sent to the dry dock to a year and a half of repairs.

Aggravates these circumstances the inability to deliver spare parts in time of the German defense agencies, bureaucratic problems, as well as military contractors. According to Bartels’ explanations, the Navy takes five months to receive fuel injection pumps and six for the oil coolers of its frigates.

The shortage of ships will eventually affect the ability of Berlin to project military power abroad. “There will be no more maritime missions for NATO (acronym for North Atlantic Treaty Organization), the European Union (EU) or the United Nations (UN),” he warns.

It is not the first time that the bad state of the German Navy has come to light. Last year, local media reported that the Navy had been deprived of its entire submarine fleet, after all U-Boots had been shipped for maintenance or discarded due to the urgent need for repairs.

German Submarine Last Generation

The Berlin Navy lost its last submarine in October, as the rudder of its last Type 212A ship was severely damaged in a collision with a rock off the Norwegian coast when the rest of the fleet was out of service.


Source: HispanTV