FSB Will Begin Investigative Actions with the Ukrainian Sailors

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The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation begins conducting investigative actions with the Ukrainian sailors who were arrested in the case of illegal border crossing after the incident in the Kerch Strait area and taken to Moscow.

“Most likely, I will get to my client this week, because investigative actions are planned,” lawyer Ilya Novikov told Interfax, defending the interests of the commander of the Berdyansk armored master Roman Mokryak.

What kind of events are planned, “is still unknown,” said the lawyer.

In turn, the lawyer of the seaman Denis Gritsenko Nikolay Polozov told Interfax that his meeting with the principal should take place on Tuesday. At the same time, he explained that he could not yet say whether it was a question of investigative actions.

FSB Will Begin Investigative Actions with the Ukrainian Sailors

“A meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, maybe she will be in the SIZO, possibly in the investigative department,” said the lawyer on Monday.

Responding to relevant questions from Interfax, the lawyers explained that they have no information yet on the date of the consideration of the appeals against the decisions on the arrest of the defendants.


Source: Maritime News of Russia