Freighter Shipwrecked Leaving One Dead and 14 Missing after Sinking in the Sea

The rescue teams of Malaysia today look for 14 missing people, after a freighter sank in the coast of the southeast of the country causing at least one death.

Half a dozen vessels of the Maritime Safety Agency and the Malaysian Maritime Police search for the missing in the waters of Muar, in the Strait of Malacca, the agency said in its Twitter account.

The JBB Rong Chang 8, which was carrying dredged sand, sank and overturned yesterday in this area with 18 people on board, three of whom could be rescued, according to the agency’s general director, Zulfikiri Abu Bakar.

The missing are twelve Chinese, an Indonesian and a Malaysian, said the authorities, who still do not know the causes of the incident.

Shipwrecks are common in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Malacca Strait, an important maritime traffic zone because it connects the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.

Members of the rescue services worked next to the hull of the Dominican flag dredger “JBB Rong Chang 8” after capsizing near the coast of Parit Jawa in the state of Johor (Malaysia).

Freighter shipwrecked

The null security measures of freighters, years of service and weather conditions are the main reasons why the ship could have been left adrift.


Source: el Diario de Coahuila