Four Men Are Saved from Dying After Shipwreck in Mexico

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They Celebrate With  Beers

Four fishermen, native of Maxcanú and settled in this port, celebrated with beers that survived the odyssey of a shipwreck and spend 22 hours adrift on the high seas, 27 nautical miles (57 kilometres) northwest of this coastal city.

The men met yesterday on Wednesday to celebrate that they were saved from dying in the high sea.

Accompanied by relatives, the survivors refused to narrate how the maritime accident occurred but admitted that they were shipwrecked.

An acquaintance confirmed that they were shipwrecked and said that, in a house that has a parking lot, they celebrated that they were saved from drowning thanks to the fact that the Mexican Navy rescued them in time.

The fishermen who were shipwrecked are Víctor Chablé Kumul, 50 years old; Emilio Baas Coronado, 68, and his sons José Wílliam and José Rigoberto Baas Chim, 37 and 47, respectively.

The four were the crew of the boat “Cristo Negro II”, 36 feet long, which has its base at the La Caleta dock and is owned by José Gabriel Peraza Herrera, “Chico”, who was as its patron.

When they were rescued, the fishermen said that on Monday they captured octopus in the direction of Telchac, but that day at 8 o’clock at night they were shipwrecked by the swells.

The employer reported, on Tuesday morning, that the four lost their way on Monday afternoon.

It is presumed that the patron delayed going through the octopus, each in a net, the waves moved them away from where he left them in the morning and that is why he did not find them.

A fisherman swam and boarded another that was nearby, but the other fisherman was caught by the overturned stash.

The search for the shipwreck began at 6 am on Tuesday and ended at 6 pm on the same day.

The Mexican Navy yesterday warned that the personnel of the Federal Maritime Reserves warned on Tuesday that they reported that four crew members of the “Cristo Negro II” were missing.

Four halachó pulperos are saved from dying after shipwreck

The Regional Search and Rescue System was activated immediately.

It was ordered that, from the IX Naval Zone in Yucalpetén, a defender vessel depart from the Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance Station; an interceptor patrol and another oceanic one with a Panther helicopter on board to look for the lost ones.


Source: Yucatan