Found In The Pacific of Guatemala a Suspicious Vessel with Three Foreigners

A “semi-submersible (LPV)” is being towed ashore, towards Puerto Quetzal, with its cargo and the crew to be inspected

The Army of Guatemala informed on Thursday of the location of a vessel suspected of transporting “possible illicit” with three foreign crew members on board.

The Navy of the National Defense, in coordination with the Guatemalan Air Force, intercepted the ship at 183 nautical miles “of the exclusive economic zone of the Guatemalan Pacific”.

Last year, 90 percent of the cocaine that came to market in the US, the largest consumer of this drug in the world, went through the Central American corridor, according to the annual US government report on drug trafficking in the world.

The Northern Triangle in Central America – formed by El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras – is one of the deadliest areas in the world and in which gangs intervene in drug trafficking, trafficking and smuggling, cigarette smuggling and transnational extortion.

Found in the Pacific of Guatemala a suspicious vessel with three foreigners

Last year, Guatemalan authorities seized a record 13,659 kilos of cocaine, which exceeded 12,818 in 2016.


Source: Infobae