A Foreigner Disappeared After a Kayak Accident in Jambelí

A Colombian citizen who was in a kayak along with two other foreigners is missing after falling to the sea in Jambelí, province of El Oro. According to the report received by the ECU-911, around noon on Wednesday the kayak was reversed for unknown reasons and its occupants, two Colombians and a citizen of Argentine nationality, were left adrift. Immediately the attention was coordinated with naval and police personnel.

Lieutenant Fabricio Mera, of the Ecuadorian Navy, said that one of the men and the woman were rescued. At the moment the search for the third foreigner develops. “The Ecuadorian Navy, through its units: The Regional Directorate of the Aquatic Spaces of El Oro, the Subcomando de Guard Costas and frogmen of the Jambelí Infantry Battalion, has deployed its personnel for the search.

First a sweep was carried out by the sectors of the beach, “the official explained. Divers from the Special Operations Group (GOE) of the Police were also mobilized. The Machala Fire Department joined the search with six divers led by Jorge Granda, who was designated incident commander for this emergency.

Navy personnel collaborate in the search of the foreigner

The MP News page noted that, according to preliminary data, foreigners were engaged in the sale of handicrafts. The survivors explained that their partner did not know how to swim, so he could not get out when the kayak was turned.


Source: el Telegrafo