Pirate Seizures In Ukrania

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned Russian shipping companies about the real risks of piracy by Ukrainian power structures of Russian vehicles.

“In recent times, cases of illegal detention of Russian courts by Ukrainian authorities have increased … In connection with these provocative actions of the Ukrainian authorities against Russian ships and citizens of the Russian Federation, the Russian Foreign Ministry draws the attention of ship companies to the real risks of piracy of Russian vehicles by Ukrainian security forces” in the message of the Foreign Ministry.

The department was reminded that on April 25 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine supported the initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure on the prohibition of transit and transportation of cargo on the territory of the country by vessels flying the flag of Russia or vessels of shipowners registered in Russia, as well as by any other craft regardless of the flag that made calls to seaports Crimea and Sevastopol.

Foreign Ministry Warned Shipping Companies About the Risk of Pirate Seizures in Ukraine

For the last month, Ukrainian border guards detained two Russian ships at the same time under the pretext of “illegal” activities in the Crimea.¬†As reported by the newspaper VZGLYAD, Ukraine’s actions were struck by its own fishermen – they left the Sea of Azov themselves, frightened of the Russian response.



Source: Maritime News of Russia