For The First Time, SIMA Peru Cut Resistant Submarine Hull

The procedure will allow repowering and modernizing BAP Chipana

The Industrial Services of the Navy (SIMA PERU) made, for the first time in its history, the cutting of resistant hull in the first of four submarines of the Navy that will be upgraded and modernized, in what marks a milestone for the increase of the operational capacities of the naval industry of our country.

The Minister of Defense, José Huerta Torres, together with the commanding general of the Navy, Admiral Gonzalo Ríos Polastri, inspected the works that are carried out in the BAP “Chipana” which will be modernized by SIMA PERU, along with three others submarines, with technical assistance and technology transfer from the German shipyard ThyssenKrupp Marine System GmbH.

“It is the first time that a work of this nature is carried out, and because of the importance and importance that it has, I must congratulate them. We are still halfway there, but I am sure that this task will be very comforting when this submarine goes back to sea and becomes another instrument for national defence, “said Huerta Torres at a meeting with the SIMA staff…

The hull cut, which separated the stern cone and the bow section of the submarine, will allow removing onboard systems and equipment of great dimension that in a normal maintenance could not be carried out, such as the propulsion engine and other main machinery of the submarine…

It should be noted that the only access to the submarine is the hatches that have a limited diameter and do not allow the removal of large systems and equipment to be repaired and modernized.

The modernization project includes making a great technological leap, which involves changing the command compartment, new firing control systems, propulsion systems, overhaul of the electrical system, among others.

They perform cutting of resistant helmet of BAP Chipana

The repowering and modernization of the four submarine units will increase the lifespan of these Peruvian Navy vessels by 15 years.

The following submarines that will be modernized will be the BAP “Angamos, BAP” Antofagasta “and BAP” Pisagua “.


Source: Andina