Fishermen and Rescue Policemen Disappear in Peruvian Sea

Three fishermen and two policemen are lost in the sea. The first fell to the waters from the peñones where they fished in Punta Picata, near the border between Tacna and Ilo (Moquegua).

Firefighters and the Police were summoned to start the search for the missing, after being knocked down by the intense waves yesterday morning.

Two of them were identified as Luis Guillermo Chucare, 45 years old, and Christian Ortega Criollo, 22 years old. They were working in Ilo two weeks ago and they were about to return to Lima. Their interest in fishing made them seek information and were guided by a fisherman from the port to the beaches, located at the height of kilometer 115 of the Costanera.

During the search, two police personnel of the Salvataje Police Unit can not be located after they have entered the sea. They decided to swim in search of the disappeared before the version that had bodies floating. Neither the fishermen nor the agents could be found until the closing of this edition.

Peruvian Fisherman