Fisherman Catches Marijuana Bricks Off Florida Shore

Jorge Bustamante spent his birthday doing his favourite thing: fish hunting. When he went to a fishing boat with his family on Monday, he did not expect the “present” he had received: a huge marijuana brick from the sea.

Bustamante said that he and his parents were fishing on the coast of Florida, Pompano Beach when they saw something floating in the water. He came in and took a pinch. A surprised Bustamante published photographs of “sea weed” on Instagram.

“I have an early birthday present from Pablo Escobar,” he wrote, saying the marijuana came from a late Colombian drug dealer. That morning he said there were a few mahi-mahi and kingfish in the Hillsboro Inlet, but it was still a fishing trip that the family would remember for a long time.

Bustamante did not hold the “gift”.

Fisherman Catches Marijuana Bricks Off Florida Shore1

Although we have permission for medical use, Weed is not legal in Florida, so maybe it was fish. Instead of turning him into the sea, Bustamante said he had contacted the Coast Guard, who sent a crew to come and pick it up.


Source: CBSNews