First Fisher With Propulsion Hybrid LNG

The first fishing vessel with hybrid LNG propulsion is being built in Istanbul, for a Norwegian shipowner, and it will be MAN who will supply the main engine.

MAN Diesel & Turbo is in charge of providing the propulsion package and fuel-LNG system to the first fishing vessel with liquefied natural gas propulsion.

The new construction is 86 m long, 17.80 m wide and 9.30 m long, is a purse seiner called Libas and is being built at the shipyard Cemre Shipyard, Istanbul.

It will carry the model of the main engine of MAN 6L51 / 60DF, the propulsion system MAN Alpha and the cryogenic equipment MAN Cryo, with a tank of LNG of 350 m3.

First Fisher With Propulsion Hybrid LNG

The shipowner who has requested the construction is the Norwegian fishing group Liegruppen, and the ship has been designed by Salt Ship Design AS.


Source: Sector Maritimo