First Chinese Aircraft Carrier Improves Combat Capability

The Chinese Ministry of Defense said today that the country’s first aircraft carrier, Liaoning, improved combat capacity, as did the rest of the Navy’s equipment.

The spokesman of that office, Ren Guoqiang, said at a press conference that the ship successfully entered into various naval maneuvers planned for that purpose in recent months.

“The exercises served to effectively test the integral attack systems,” the spokesperson said.

The Liaoning is a former Soviet aircraft carrier that China acquired and for eight years transformed to make it a first-class ship.

It measures more than 15 thousand 100 square meters and is divided into three areas: the launching ramp, one recovery and another parking.

On the other hand, Ren announced the completion soon of a forum between China and Africa that will debate on how to expand cooperation in security matters and indicated that the Asian giant maintains military exchanges with the United States and India.

First Chinese Aircraft Carrier Improves Combat Capability

He also reiterated the position of his country to continue the combative preparation with the objective of safeguarding national sovereignty and security, peace and stability in the region.



Source: Prensa-Latina