Fire Spreading Over Tanker Genessa

The fire aboard the “Genessa”, currently at OTB Kandla outer roads, carrying 26000 metric tons of gas oil, was ´ rapidly growing. There was a blast in the port side of the vessel and all the firefighting tugs were instructed to keep a safe distance away from the tanker as it was feared that the fire may catch up the cargo.

The vessel has also started tilting to one side, probably because of water accumulation caused by continuous spraying. The firefighting operations on Jan 18 had been carried out with 10 tugs — seven from Kandla port, one from Adani’s Mundra port and two from Reliance’s Sikka terminal. All inward movements are currently cancelled by the port authority, and only skeleton outward movements were to be carried out.

The port has also instructed all the vessels anchored at Kandla Outer Roads to heave up their respective anchors and move to a safer distance further to sea, minimum five nautical miles. The crew of 26 and the master, with abundant efforts of tug personnel were safety disembarked, however, the Chief Engineer and the Electric Officer were already unconscious, and one of them, the 35-year-old Edwin Fernando, died in hospital.Genessa Fire

The other, Nitin Madhukar from Borivli, remained critical.


Source: Vessel Tracker