Fire on a Ship in the Port of Murmansk is Contained

At 18:02 on February 10: a report was received from the Murmansk CCM that at 16.05 in the port of Murmansk, dock No. 2 of the Shipyard of the MF, on the SRTM Kamchatsky salmon, IMO: 8888721, the flag of Russia, the port of registration Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the owner of the LLC “Akhati”, the watchkeeping service discovered a fire in the fish shop. The “Fire alarm” was announced, the alert forces were alerted.

In the extinguishment of the fire took part MPS “Sentinel” (port of registration Murmansk, owner of the Northern branch of the FBU “Morspasluzhba Rosmorrechflot”), four firefighting calculations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, emergency rescue group Morspassluft service Rosmorrechflot and emergency crew of the crew of the SRTM Kamchatsky salmon. The rest of the crew of the SRTM Kamchatka salmon, which does not take direct part in extinguishing the fire, was evacuated to shore.

Since no repairs were carried out on the ship, the cause of a fire is the ignition of electrical wiring. Despite the measures taken, the fire spread to neighboring premises, the superstructure caught fire.

At 18:46 on February 10, the fire is localized, at 1:25 on February 11 the fire is liquidated. Victims and spill of oil products there. The duty forces continue to monitor the emergency vessel, and the premises are inspected. The crew proceeded to eliminate the consequences of the fire.

Fire on Ship Port of Murmansk

The causes and consequences of the fire are being clarified. Competent authorities are conducting an investigation.


Source: Maritime News of Russia