Fire In The Engine Room on the Rhine

At 9 am on August 16, 2018, in the engine room of Arcadia there was a fire in 1999 (EU number: 06002226), located 825 km from the Rhine.

The fire brigade Reese, Emmerich and Niederhormert were summoned to the ship near the quay on the former quay of NATO.

The ship can maneuver and lower the anchor from the fairway so that the fire brigade can attack from the side. Two firefighters and one multipurpose ship and 30 firemen are deployed in the fire department.

Due to the limited conditions under the deck and, as a result, high temperatures, labour is difficult but can be successfully accomplished.

Fire In The Engine Room on the Rhine

A ship from Duisburg was moored at the port of Konigin Wilhelmina in Rotterdam at 3:35 am on 17 August.