Filipino Sailors Repel Pirate Attack With Boiling Water and Oil

Manila, Feb 18 (Prensa Latina) Sailors in the Philippine Sea faced a pirate attack using medieval methods of defense and siege, launching seething water with boiling water until the Coast Guard arrived, it was announced today.


The crew of the Philippine ship MV Kudos was attacked by a dozen pirates while sailing near Sibago Island in the Basilan region.

The attackers tried to board the ship, armed with firearms, but the 22 sailors aboard the merchant repelled the attack by throwing them a mixture of hot water and oil, the Philippine Coast Guard said.

The pirates used three motor boats to outflank the Philippine ship in an attempt to kidnap crew members for a ransom, the Philippine television network ABS-CBN reported.

The ship, which was transporting steel from Davao to Manila, sent a distress signal while keeping the pirates at bay long enough for the Coast Guard and the navy to arrive on the scene.

The coastal authorities praised the courage of the sailors, two of whom suffered minor injuries in the attack.

Some reports of the failed kidnapping suggest that the group responsible is Abu Sayyaf, a regional affiliate of the extremist organization Islamic State (ISIS), according to the Manila Times newspaper.

Philippine Coast Repelled Pirates with Oil

Last year there were 22 incidents of this type in the Philippines, more than twice the number of maritime attacks in 2016.


Source: Prensa-Latina