The Fifth Day of the Search for the Missing Vostok in the Sea of ​​Japan Did Not Bring Any News

The fifth day of the search and rescue operation in the Sea of ​​Japan ends, where on the night of Thursday the Vostok fishing vessel with 20 crew members was lost. The search for the vessel and people is still futile. In the JI area, 100 miles to the southeast of Cape Gamow, where the last operation of the Cospas-Sarsat buoy was recorded, a multifunctional rescue vessel Rescue Zaborschikov of the Marine Service of Rosmorrechflot is inspecting the water area. At the request of the captain, the average fishing trawler-freezer Orion, connected to the search on Sunday, (the owner of Kurilsky Universal Complex LLC, Nevelsk) is now relieved of further participation in JI project due to bad weather conditions and possible icing of the vessel.

In the search square, a cylindrical object 1×1.5 m was identified today, which was identified as a fishing buoy. Two Be-200 amphibian aircraft of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations worked without news. Surveyed in the increasing result (updated data): 9 215 square kilometers by vessels, and 20510 square kilometers by aviation.

During the first 48 hours of the project, two lifejackets, a fishing orange buoy, a fragment of a board, presumably from a log cabin, with a preserved letter K and two lifebuoys, were found in this area. On Saturday, two empty life rafts with the labeling of the missing “East”, both without tents, half asleep and without signs of people’s stay, were also found on board the MFASS “Zaborschikov”.

The weather remains unfavorable: wind SW 12-15 m / sec in gusts up to 18 m / s, waves up to 3.5 m cloudy, sometimes snow, Твоз -3С, Твод + 1С.

Search and Rescue Sea of Japan

The decision to conduct a search and rescue operation in the Sea of ​​Japan was made in connection with the receipt of a message to the Vladivostok MRCC from the South Korean MRCC about receiving a signal from the emergency beacon belonging to Vostok. The shipowner, the Sakhalin company DV-Flot, could not establish a connection with a small vessel carrying 20 people on board, all citizens of the Russian Federation.

The search and rescue operation is coordinated by the Vladivostok Maritime Rescue Coordination Center of Rosmorrechflot.


Source: Maritime News of Russia