Fifth Body of Migrant Found on the Coast of Cádiz After the Sinking of a Boat on Monday

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Terrestrial, aerial and aquatic means track the coast of Barbate to find deceased or survivors.

“I wish they had reached land.” That was the wish that Luis Martín, Chief of Operations of the Civil Guard in Cádiz, launched Monday night for the 17 migrants who were still missing after the wreck of a boat in the morning on the coast of Barbate. But his hope has been cut short. A fishing boat has found Tuesday the body of a fifth victim three and a half miles from the coast, after finding the bodies of four other people the previous day.

The meritorious had reactivated the search device early on Tuesday. Terrestrial, aerial and aquatic means, including divers, investigate in the vicinity of the small town of Los Caños de Meca to find new survivors or deceased.

The Civil Guard estimates that on board the wooden boat that in the early hours of Monday ran aground on the reefs of the beach of Las Palmeras travelled from 43 to 46 people. Of these, only 22 managed to reach land by their own feet. Thanks to the testimonies of these survivors, the agents know that the immigrants, all of Maghrebi origin, had been at sea for two days when the tragedy occurred, barely 200 meters from the shore. The small boat lost its bottom when it touched the rocks and the desperate migrants threw themselves into the sea. Only half of those rescued wore vests, according to research sources.

Fifth Corpse Found on the Coast of Cádiz After the Sinking of a Boat on Monday

The first deceased, of 25 years, appeared next to the boat, drowned. The other three were found at sea tracking, floating as they wore life vests on. For the 16 disappeared, two hypotheses remain open: that they arrive on their own ground, as some of the survivors defended, or that they become disoriented at sea. Only in the first case are there hopes of finding them alive.

Since being of Maghrebi origin they end up being expelled back to their country, the immigrants try to avoid being intercepted by the agents, reason why they hide in different points of the coast. However, since the morning of this Monday, the Civil Guard has not located anyone on the ground. If they perished in the sea, the Civil Guard fears that they were the ones who did not wear vests.


Source: El Pais