Family Escapes ‘Certain Death’ at Sea from Being Chased by a Tornado

A family who spent a few days relaxing on a beach in the United States witnessed a tornado that was forming in the sea.

Imagine a day of summer vacation, travelling with your family to spend a few days of unique relaxation until at any moment, the weather begins to conspire against you and what appeared to be a quiet moment ended up being the hardest and frightening of all.

In Tavares, Florida, the mother of a family had arranged an outing with her husband and children, they had rented a yacht that would allow them to float in the middle of the sea and soak in the beautiful weather that existed at that time.

The water was completely clear until suddenly, the clouds began to take on a lead colour and the winds began to become hurricanes. When the mother looked at the bottom, she realizes that a circular formation was being created. It was the worst, a funnel tornado.

The father took his youngest son’s arms, put it on his knee and took the wheel to start the escape route back to the shore to escape the tornado that was heading at full speed towards them. A goal that seemed impossible to achieve but in the end was achieved by something unexpected.

“We were outside the pipeline on Lake Eustis when it started to rain lightly, and we covered ourselves under a bridge for a brief five-minute rain.” After that, we decided to head to the other side of the lake, where the sun was still shining to continue with our pass and out of nowhere an unpleasant storm came behind us with lightning and heavy rain, we headed north on the lake to outrun the storm! When we looked back, we saw the tornado,  said the mother of the family very worried.

Family Chased by Tornado in Middle of Sea

What happened was that, when the tornado was taking on greater speed and was heading towards the yacht in which the family was, it stopped in the middle of the water and, against all odds, it was fading, to which the mother says was “a miracle” claiming that luck was on the side of the family and that ‘Mother Nature’ did not want to take them.



Source: El Comercio