Falklands: Argentina Protests Military Exercises and Missile Launch

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Argentina has protested to the British embassy to carry out military exercises in the Falkland Islands / Malvinas while notifying the situation to the United Nations and the International Maritime Organization, according to a statement issued by the Argentine Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken cognizance of the realization by the British Government of military exercises in the area of the Malvinas Islands, between October 15 and 29, 2018, which will include the launching of missiles.

In view of this, within the framework of the obligations and responsibilities of our country in terms of safety of navigation in the South-West Atlantic, the Naval Hydrography Service will issue a nautical warning informing about the development of the exercise.

The Argentine Republic rejects the realization of these exercises in Argentine territory illegitimately occupied by the United Kingdom, those who are unaware of the resolutions of the United Nations and other international organizations that urge both countries to resume negotiations in order to find a peaceful solution and definitive to the sovereignty dispute, as well as to abstain from carrying out unilateral acts in the territories and maritime spaces under dispute.

The Foreign Ministry protested formally before the Embassy of the United Kingdom in our country for the aforementioned military exercises. In turn, it will inform the Secretary-General of the United Nations and Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization of the situation.

Falklands: Argentina Protests Military Exercises and Missile Launch

In this regard, it should be mentioned that normally the United Kingdom responds that such exercises are routine since the end of the South Atlantic conflict and that notifications of the case to international navigation are notified in due time.


Source: MercoPress

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