Failure in Pipeline Caused Oil Spill in the Magdalena River, Columbia

Ecopetrol said that it would have been registered in a line at the height of Cantagallo, south of Bolívar.

The state oil company Ecopetrol activated a contingency plan in the municipality of Cantagallo, in the south of Bolívar, to contain a leak of oil in the Magdalena River, due to a possible break in the 10-inch line that goes from that location to Isla 6 in the town of Puerto Wilches, Santander.

According to the company, the causes that caused the fracture of the pipe system is a matter of investigation.

To attend the event that was reported on Wednesday morning, containment barriers were installed in the area located between Isla 8 and La Curumuta, and a team of workers was assigned to contain and collect the product in order to avoid letting the spot advance down the Magdalena River.

Likewise, the Municipal Councils of Risk Management of the municipalities of Cantagallo and Puerto Wilches were informed in order to preventively shut down the intake of the aqueducts.

Failure in pipeline caused oil spill in the Magdalena River

“In the area are already the relief agencies and members of the Risk Management Board of Puerto Wilches to see what can be done in the additional tasks, since Ecopetrol as a company is the one responsible,” Ramón Ramírez said. , director of Santander Risk Management office.



Source: El Tiempo