Facebook: The Drawing Dedicated to all those who Supported the Rescue of Children in Thailand

An innocent drawing has been virtualized on Facebook, it is a design dedicated to those who supported the rescue of children who were trapped in a cave in Thailand

Thirteen boars come out of a tunnel helped by animals from around the world. This is how the sisters who are part of SISIDEA have illustrated the heroic rescue of the 12 children and their monitor in a cave in Thailand. The complex drawing was dedicated to each of the participants of this achievement in their Facebook account, where they also explained it in detail.

“Operation to bring the Wild Boars”, is the title that this illustration has been popularized on Facebook. It is a symbolic version in which we thank the rescuers and each of the actors who supported the 12 children and their monitor to leave the cave.

A first version came out more than 24 hours ago, but when realizing that it was very complex and that it enjoyed a cosmopolitan audience, the creators decided to explain it in detail in a new Facebook post.

“We have paid attention to everyone’s suggestions and here is the final drawing, we hope we have not left anyone out,” the sisters wrote on SISIDEA’s Facebook page. In this new version appears an “angel seal” dedicated to Saman Gunan, the diver of the Thai Navy who offered his life in the rescue mission.

White elephant: Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn, head of the rescue mission.

Wild boars: the twelve children were the little ones and the biggest one represents the coach. It is an allusion to the name of the football team.

White horse: all the heroes that participated in the mission.

White horse with the Red Cross: the nursing team that was waiting at the mouth of the cave and the doctors who are treating them now in the hospital.

Foca-angel: Saman Gunan, the Thai Navy diver who died during the rescue.

Seals: the Thai Navy.

Frog: divers from different backgrounds who participated in the rescue.

Pato: team of geographers.

Blue Lion: rescuers from the United Kingdom.

Black, yellow and red lion: rescuers from Belgium.

Red, white and blue lion: rescuers from the Netherlands.

Kangaroo: rescuers from Australia.

Panda Bear: Rescuers from China.

Crane: rescuers from Japan.

Elk: rescuers from Sweden.

Tiger: rescuers from Burma (Myanmar).

Brown elephant: rescuers from Laos.

Eagle: United States rescuers.

Bear: rescuers from Finland.

Rooster: rescuers from France.

Hawk: rescuers from the Philippines, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Castor: rescuers from Canada.

Swan: rescuers from Denmark.

Cobra: rescuers from Israel.

Iron Man: Elon Musk.

German Shepherd dog: unit K9, a division of dogs.

Dragon: the team that carried out the work of drilling and pumping water.

Pig with a spike of rice: the Thai rice producers who sacrificed their crops for the children and their trainer.

Birds: the press.

Raven: the “bad comments, people and obstacles” among journalists.

The soccer ball: the sport that united the children and their coach.

Facebook The Drawing Dedicated to all those who Supported the Rescue of Children in Thailand

In just five hours, this illustration has been around the world. More than 1,600 users left a reaction to the three drawings and another 1,153 shared the publication on Facebook. While the first version of this design was made yesterday at 2:14 and was shared more than 6,900 times in the social network.


Source: El Comercio