Expedition Encounters Soviet Submarine Wrecked During World War II

The Soviet submarine Sch-405 of the Schuka type (Lucio) disappeared during the Second World War. On June 11, 1942, the submarine sailed from the port of Kronshtadt to the island of Lavansaari, now Moschny, but never reached its destination.

A Russian expedition has revealed the site of the wreck near the island of Seskar in the Gulf of Finland, reports team director Konstantin Bogdanov.

The leader of the Reverence expedition to the ships of Greater Victoria explained that the submarine, which is now 50 meters deep, exploded in 1942 by a mine. The expert added that during the inspection it was discovered that the bow of the submarine was torn off.

Bogdanov pointed out that the expedition will continue until May 9, when in Russia is celebrated the Victory Day on Nazi Germany in the Great War for the Homeland that is part of World War II.

Expedition Encounters Soviet Submarine Wrecked During World War II

Reverence expeditions to Great Victory boats have been held since 2005 in places where Soviet ships and submarines were shipwrecked during World War II. The initiative is supported by the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Presidential Grants Foundation. Since then, more than 10 vessels have been found.


Source: SputnikNews