Ex-Commanders of Destroyers “John McCain” and “Fitzgerald” Accused of Killing Seamen

The former commanders of the American destroyers John McCain and Fitzgerald, which resulted in the death of 17 sailors in 2017, were accused of unintentional murders, CNN reported on Tuesday.

They will stand trial also on charges of negligence and improper performance of official duties, as well as causing damage to US Navy ships.

Earlier, a report was published in which it was said that in the clashes with which the destroyers became participants, their commanders were to blame.

“Fitzgerald” collided with dry cargo ship ACX Cristal off the coast of Japan on June 17. According to the results of the investigation, this was the result of many small mistakes, which over time led to non-compliance with shipping practices. Observers on the ship ignored the communication standards, and the ship’s command did not follow the protocols to prevent collisions.


On August 21, “John McCain” could also avoid a collision with the tanker Alnic MC. However, non-compliance with established procedures and excessive confidence of the command did not allow this. Another important factor in the accident was the fact that the ship’s officers and his command were not properly trained to work with the ship’s control console, the report of the US Navy specified.


Source: Maritime News of Russia