Embark 823% More Coca for Pacific. They Force to Reinforce Vigilance. Modify the Strategy the Organized Crime.

City of Mexico . The shipment of cocaine through the Pacific increased from 2016 to last April by more than 800 percent, compared to the first three years of the current six-year term.

Between 2013 and 2015 the Navy intercepted at sea 2.6 tons of this drug, coming from Central and South America, according to official figures from the Secretariat of the Navy -Armada de México .

For the period from 2016 to April 2018, the insurance increased by 823 percent, stopping the flow of 24 tons of cocaine, mainly offshore, according to data from the institution.

Sources of the naval dependence assured that in the last two years, organized crime modified the strategy in the shipment of cocaine to Mexico and avoided to a large extent the shipment of that drug by containers in tall ships, by a shipment to a larger scale, also by sea, but through cargoes thrown into the sea with tracking systems.

The packages sealed with cocaine, tied to each other, have been launched from small planes or ships between 90 and 150 miles from the ports of Chiapas and Guerrero, mainly.

According to this scheme, shipments of up to two tons are “rescued” by vessels with up to three outboard motors of 250 horsepower for the “drag” of the cocaine to the islets or the mainland.

For the first time in this type of operation, on April 10 , the Navy pursued one of these boats, type “Go Fast” that transported 67 packages with one ton of cocaine.

The smaller vessel was detected by air previously.

The incident was reported 90 miles (165 kilometers) from the coast of Acapulco, with the balance of five alleged drug traffickers arrested.

Given the increase in cocaine trafficking through the Pacific , the Navy is planning the acquisition of eight Seahawks MH-60R naval helicopter gunships worth $ 1.2 billion.

Embark 823% More Coca for Pacific

The Government of Mexico requested US helicopters to carry out antisubmarine war missions and secondary missions, including search and rescue.

” Mexico has been a strong partner in the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking organizations, and the sale of these aircraft to Mexico will significantly increase their maritime capabilities,” said the Agency for Security Cooperation and Defense (DSCA). , by its acronym in English) of the US Government to the US Congress regarding the purchase.

The devices are used by the US Navy as their main antisubmarine and anti-ship weapon for offshore zones.

“It is the most capable naval helicopter currently available designed to operate from frigates, destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers,” the manufacturer noted.

The Navy concluded in March 2018 the delivery program of 10 Panther AS-565MBe helicopters, which it acquired since 2016 with a total cost of 179 million 928 thousand euros, for ground missions.

Now it plans to complement its operations with naval helicopters, due to the increase of shipments of cocaine through the Pacific .


Source: El Manana