Electric Surfboards: Made In Spain “JETBOARDS” are Becoming the New Aquatic Sport

The Basque company Onean has created a new way of water gliding with the jetboards that it designs and manufactures in Bizkaia. They are surfboards with a built-in electric motor that allow you to glide over water at high speed thanks to a wireless control.

The company Onean offers a new sport practice for aquatic lovers.

They have dimensions and volumes similar to those of windsurfing, but their battery with turbine inserted in its lower part means that they do not depend on waves or wind and allows them to reach 35 km / h by sliding on water.

They are light, safe and very intuitive in their use tables that can be used in lakes, beaches, rivers or reservoirs, even on shallow surfaces.

The speed of the table is controlled with a pressure sensor; at more pressure more speed, and at the bottom they have the electric turbine, respectful with the environment, which allows the sliding.

“The use is very intuitive and they are more stable; without having experience in board sports, the user can stand up in one or two sessions and can also use it on his knees “says Jon Uriarte, commercial director of Onean.

It is a novel product whose idea emerged in 2013 from the company Bizintek, dedicated to product engineering, which in a very short time has made a hole in the market with more than 500 units sold and is promoting this sport different aquatic, “a very different experience than surfing” says Jon.

Currently Onean designs and manufactures two differentiated models; Carver table, designed for speed and the table Manta, more bulky and at the same time more stable, focused on the ride.

The Manta model has an autonomy of two and a half hours at maximum power and 6 hours and a half if it slides at medium power. The battery of the Carver table lasts 20 minutes at maximum power and 40 minutes at mixed speeds.

The two models share the same battery, important data so that any rental business, resort, hotel or similar can exchange them if necessary.

The price of the tables is very competitive compared to other European companies, which focus their product more on the field of luxury. The reason for this difference is that Onean designs and produces its boards and accessories entirely, which allows it to create a technological product at a good price. “We work by quantities instead of by large margins, we make 20 tables a week increasing production progressively to be able to supply the great demand” comments the commercial director of Onean.

Electric Surfboard

Onean exports almost all of its boards abroad to clients located in countries such as France, Germany, Australia or the United States.

The firm is currently focused on the production of tables for the summer, with the aim of establishing itself as a leading company in the sector and launching new models in the medium term.


Source: Sector Maritimo