Eight Foreign Trekkers Wait Since Last Night to be Rescued

The Group of Special Rescue of Intervention in Mountain has spent the night in the zone, the ravine of Masca de Tenerife, to guarantee its security – The people have taken refuge thanks to the help of a shepherd in a cave of the beach

From 6:30 pm on Sunday afternoon, eight people of German nationality are trapped in a beach cave in the Masca ravine of the municipality of Buenavista del Norte in Tenerife. There they have taken refuge with a shepherd, who has helped them to take shelter when they have been surprised by the heavy rains that have flooded the ravine until they are unable to make the way back.

The group of foreigners has been the one who has alerted the Emergency and Security Coordination Center (Cecoes), which has activated a rescue device consisting of firefighters, the mountain group of the Civil Guard and the Red Cross. This device is in the area since yesterday afternoon evaluating the best time and the most effective way (land, sea or air) to perform the rescue safely.

During the day yesterday, the strong flow that fell through the ravine, as well as the poor conditions of the sea have made it impossible to rescue the walkers, which has forced them to spend the night in the cave. The Cecoes has reported that the group of people is in good condition and is calm waiting to be evacuated.

In the area an equipment of the Group of Special Rescue of Intervention in Mountain has remained during all the night to transmit calm to them and to guarantee its security. For the time being, the emergency device continues to evaluate how to perform the evacuation.

Masca de Tenerife
It is not the first time that walkers are trapped in this area. The Tenerife Fire Brigade Consortium has for several years carried out a large number of interventions related to the rescue of people specifically in the Masca ravine. Even the president of the Tenerife Fire Consortium, Javier Rodríguez Medina, has insisted on the message of becoming aware of the danger that this path may pose without adequate preparation and without applying the appropriate preventive measures.


Source: La Opinion