Egypt Performs Joint Naval Exercise with Countries in Europe and Asia

The Egyptian navy has developed training exercises with its counterparts from Italy, South Korea and Greece in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, the army reported today in this capital.

In an official statement, the spokesman of the Armed Forces of Egypt, Tamer El-Refaie, said that several ships participated in joint training with Italian and Greek units.

The exercises included training in the protection of vessels while crossing dangerous areas, as well as in the take-off and landing of aircraft on the surfaces of naval units.

The commander of the Italian fleet met on the sidelines of the training with Lieutenant General Ahmed Khaled, commander of the local naval forces, where he inspected a series of vessels recently acquired by Egypt.

In the Red Sea, Egyptian and South Korean vessels deployed realistic scenarios to face the challenges of maritime security in the fight against terrorism, as well as the practice of visiting, boarding, search and seizure procedures for suspicious ships.

The training also included the application of navigation training both day and night.

At the end of last month, the Armed Forces of Egypt announced the launch of the joint exercise The Eagle Response 2018, with the participation of the US Navy, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The Navy units of Jordan, Pakistan and South Korea also participated as observers.

Egypt Performs Joint Naval Exercise with Countries in Europe and Asia

That training coincided with the arrival in Egypt of US and United Arab Emirates ships to participate in another joint naval exercise, the Eagle Salute 2018.



Source: Prensa Latina