Egypt and France Carry Out Joint Military Maneuvers in the Red Sea

The Egyptian armed forces began joint military maneuvers today with French Navy units that will last four days in the Red Sea, off the eastern coasts of Egypt, the army of this country said in a statement. official statement.

The exercises, called “Cleopatra 2018”, seek to “strengthen the abilities of both countries in combat and use modern naval tactics and systems,” according to the note posted on the official Facebook page of Army spokesman Tamer al Refai.

In the maneuvers involved units of the so-called “southern fleet” of Egypt and among the vessels used by it highlights a helicopter carrier Mistral, of the two acquired in France in 2016.

The Gallic units also have several frigates and boats in the exercises in the waters of the Red Sea, where important maritime trade routes transit.

In the framework of these exercises, the troops are trained in various fields, such as the protection of shipping routes and the inspection of suspicious ships.

Egypt and France have increased their military cooperation in recent years, in which Paris has sold to the Arab country a total of 24 Rafale combat aircraft, a FREMM “multi-mission” frigate and short and medium range missiles, in addition to the aforementioned helicopter carriers. Mistral.

Egypt and France Carry Out Joint Military Maneuvers in the Red Sea

Last year, both countries carried out the maneuvers “Cleopatra 2017” and the previous one, they called them “Ramses 2016”.


Source: La Vanguardia