Ecologists Denounce the Repairs of a Nuclear Submarine at the Base of Gibraltar

Verdemar-ecologistas en Acción has indicated that repairs are being made to the USS ‘John Warner submarine, which has been landed at the Gibraltar military base since March 25. In this regard, he recalled that the Government of Gibraltar “said that it was only a cost of supplies,” as indicated by this organization.

In addition, they have “alerted” to the “risk that the Strait runs with the presence and repair of this type of nuclear propulsion vessels in Gibraltar”. As they have pointed out, the submarine of the class Virginia USS ‘John Warner’ “is being repaired the sail and other navigability equipment”.

Verdemar-Ecologistas en Acción recalled that this submarine was launched on August 1, 2015, at the Norfolk Naval Station, in the state of Virginia, and is equipped with 12 facilities of Tomahawk cruise missiles and four tanks for heavy torpedoes MK 48. “Unfortunately the port of Gibraltar continues to house and repair these floating bombs,” said Verdemar-Ecologistas, who recalled that on July 20, 2016, the British submarine HMS ‘Ambush’ was docking after colliding with a merchant ship, He also suffered a breakdown in the sail and finished his repair at the base of Faslane (Scotland). ”

USS John Warner


The ecologists have announced that they will denounce that repairs are still being made in a port with “Z” cataloging (only refreshment and rest of the crew), “in breach of the Euraton Treaty, which provides for the adoption of applicable sanitary protection measures and behaviour. to be followed in case of radiological emergency and basic rules regarding the health protection of workers and the population against the risks that result from ionizing radiation “.


Source: Diario de Jerez