DRUG TRAFFICKING: The ‘Juan Sebastián Elcano’, School Ship or Cocaine Freighter?

In 2014, on board the school ship of the Spanish ArmadaJuan Sebastian Elcano, up to 127 kilograms of cocaine were hidden in a storeroom – a compartment or warehouse in a Spanish sailors luggage – an amount that made the ship school and child of the eyes of the Spanish navy – where Juan, Juan Carlos and Felipe de Borbón served – rather in a drug trafficking freighter . However, the investigation carried out during four years has ruled the provisional dismissal of the case open to find those responsible.

Although at the time of finding the drug in the arsenal of La Carraca (Cádiz), it seemed relatively easy to identify who of the 185 members of the crew would have been responsible for introducing the drug shipment after a trip that had taken him between other ports to those of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) and New York (United States), the absolute lack of control made it impossible to find it.

The absence of registry of the sailors who disembarked in each one of the scales has taken to that the magistrate togado territorial military 12 has decreed the dismissal, alleging that once practiced the necessary diligence, “it is not possible to impute nor indicidiarily to any of them that served in this store, or any other, the shipment of 127 kilos of cocaine ”

However, the same car recalls that two sailors stationed in the warehouse where the drug was found had already been convicted of drug trafficking and that other members of the crew were indicted for allegedly moving drugs from Cartagena de Indias to New York to sell there…

Always according to the aforementioned means, the sensation of lack of control on board the ship would also include access to the warehouse, in principle reserved only for the staff assigned but without any control over the keys and accesses of unauthorized personnel. The same order admits that during the four-day stay in the Colombian port, a good part of the crew disembarked, “without the military guard controlling the entrances and exits of the crew, as well as the effects they embarked on”.

The Juan Sebastián Elcano school ship or cocaine freighter


Ascent for the responsible

In addition, and despite all indications of mismanagement on the ship, Elcano’s commander, ship captain Enrique Torres Piñeyro, was promoted to rear admiral in September 2015 and last April, Defense Minister Maria Dolores de Cospedal said. He returned to promote, vice admiral, in addition to appointing him head of the Arsenal of Cádiz.


Source: El Nacional