Donald Trump Signs an Order to Withdraw Obama’s National Policy in the Ocean, Open Sea Drilling

A few weeks after the announcement of “The Month of the National Ocean in June,” President Donald Trump quietly signed the order, refusing to protect US President Obama from the American ocean, the coastline and the waters of the Great Lakes.

At a time when climate change and dead sea areas are becoming a more serious threat to civilization and wildlife, Trump’s decision puts corporate profits in front of the needs for environmental protection.

The executive order of the president is focused on energy production, fishing and national security. EO calls it “the basis of the US economy, security, global competitiveness and welfare”.

It said: “Millions of Americans work in the maritime industry and support a strong national economy.” “Domestic energy production in federal waters has strengthened the country’s security and reduced its dependence on imported energy.”

Materials and materials that support our economy and quality of life flow through the sea. Our fish resources help to feed the country and provide huge opportunities for exports. Clean and healthy waters provide fishing, boating and other recreational opportunities for all Americans.

The executive order of Trump was the cancellation of the executive order signed by President Barack Obama after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in 2010. It is aimed at protecting global marine life and marine chemistry, and this climate change is actively undermined.

The United States has an inextricable relationship with the oceans, the management of our shores and the Great Lakes, as well as environmental sustainability, human health and well-being, national prosperity, climate adaptation and other environmental changes, social justice, international diplomacy and national and national security.

Trump’s orders reflected the Obama administration’s emphasis on creating strong data collections that can help managers make decisions and encourage state and federal agencies to work together to develop plans for managing ocean development, conservation, and other activities.

At Trump’s disposal, not a word of “protection”, “management” or “climate change” appeared. The president did not mention persistent human threats to the ocean, including acidification, dead zones or bleaching of coral reefs. The great barrier on the coast of Australia.

Environmental groups soon told Trump that what they said was an irresponsible step that made the Earth’s ocean vulnerable to additional human damage.

The executive order of Trump “undermines the important protective measures necessary to support the strong economy of the coast,” said Oceania chief politician Jacqueline Savitz.

She said: “Each decision concerning the ocean will affect the quality of fish, wildlife and water, which will lead to the costs or benefits of coastal communities, fisheries and tourism.” “We need a strong national policy that will help restore our fishery and conservation. Our ocean.

Savitz also stressed the importance of supporting oil substitutes, such as offshore wind farms, because of “damage caused by oil spills.”

In order to promote China’s energy security, the national maritime policy should promote the responsible development of renewable offshore wind energy and the abandonment of dirty dangerous offshore drilling of oil wells. Offshore wind energy will always provide clean energy, while oil and gas are limited to depleted resources and threaten the prosperous clean coastal economy of our country. Coastal communities rely on healthy and sustainable oceans for livelihoods and lifestyles and can not withstand the damage caused by oil spills.

Oksana urges Trump to rely on science, not on the economy, to formulate his environmental policy.

We reject the erroneous views of the US government on the management of maritime federations that hamper their production and sustainable use. Strong laws and regulations establish “traffic rules” to protect our health, safety and natural resources. These guarantees play a decisive role in balancing the interests of private marine users and the broader needs of all Americans in protecting marine resources. We urge President Trump to change his direction and support scientific policy to ensure that a healthy and productive ocean will support the rich fisheries, coastal entertainment and economic prosperity of future generations.

Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Revoking Barack Obama’s National Ocean Policy, Opens Oceans to Drilling

Administrative orders were returned from the legislators. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) said on Twitter that the Trump administration “is doing everything possible to make another BP leak.”

Others also invest in social networks. The user wrote: “Drilling in the sea is connected with money”. This government will not give priority to the environment! ”

Democrat Michigan senator Brest Benoy swears to crack down on the government if they try to deploy oil in the Great Lakes region. “I will not stop now!” – she pushed. “There will not be drilling in our lake!”

“The Executive Order eliminates any mention and prioritization of understanding and addressing the effects of climate change on the oceans and associated communities,” said Sally Yozell from the Simson Center, an analytical center that promotes global peace.

David Hayes, executive director of the National Center for Influence, said in response to the backwardness of environmental protection: “The new executive order of Trump is famous for its dull, reverse view of the approach to the oceans … This is the time to close a predetermined wrong time. The call to action solves these serious problems. ”

In June of last year during the Month of National Oceans, Trump also rejected the Paris Climate Agreement, which is part of the global effort of 200 countries to reduce carbon emissions and prevent a rise in the Earth’s temperature by more than 2 degrees Celsius. Scientists say that global warming beyond this threshold is “no return”.


Source: Second Nexus