Dominican Detainees in Waters of Puerto Rico with 1,441 Kilos of Cocaine Valued at US $ 29 Million

The alleged Narco has not yet been identified.

Federal officials of the Customs and Border Protection Police (CBP) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Police (ICE) detained a Dominican who they have not identified on board a boat that transported 1,441 kilos of cocaine, valued at $ 29 million dollars, when it moved high in the north of the coasts of Puerto Rico, coming from the Dominican Republic.

Federal agencies said Wednesday in a statement that in the capture of the boat and confiscation of the drug, areas of the Puerto Rico police also participated.

The ship was going to the municipality of Vega Alta in Puerto Rico, where according to the federals, the drug would be unloaded, which was destined for the United States.

The official part says that on March 19, the air units of the Arecibo National Security Department and CBP officers detected a 32-foot Century vessel north of Puerto Rico that was carrying what appeared to be narcotics bales.

“The federal agents, with the assistance of the air unit of Puerto Rico, responded to the area and witnessed when the ship’s crew jumped off the ship and ran into a wooded area followed by that part of the unloading equipment. The special agents seized and confiscated the ship and the 1,289 bricks of cocaine weighing 1,441 kilograms. A citizen of the Dominican Republic was arrested along with the seizure, “the statement added.

“These enforcement actions show how the HSI in San Juan is proving to be the worst case scenario for criminal organizations trying to smuggle dangerous contraband through Puerto Rico,” said Orlando Báez, acting special agent in charge of HSI San Juan.

Dominican detainees in waters of Puerto Rico with 1,441 kilos of cocaine valued at US $ 29 million

“The success of the Border Execution Security Task Force (BEST) in the fight against drug-related crime and violence is the reason why the Department of Homeland Security created the working group in Puerto Rico.” added the federal official.

The authorities said the investigation is still active.


Source: Miguel Cruz Tejada –