Divers Encounter “Ghostly” Creature of Almost 8 Meters Long

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Long-time friends and divers, Steve Hathaway, 56, and Andrew Buttle, 48, have found an impressive creature in the waters surrounding a small island in New Zealand. Looking ghostly, the 7.9-meter-long creature intrigued the pair, who recorded the video encounter.

Despite the striking and different look, the creature had nothing alien or an unknown species. It is, in fact, a pyrosome ( Pyrosoma atlanticum ) – a species of the cylindrical colony with several individuals – known as zoóides – grouped and usually found in warm water regions.

“As I have never seen one in person and not even in videos or photos, I was incredulous and happy for such a creature to exist,” said Buttle, who is also a pilot, according to the Daily Mail. “It was very intriguing but also fantastic to be able to see her very closely and spend a lot of time with her.”

Divers Encounter "Ghostly" Creature of Almost 8 Meters Long

The other diver said he had never seen the creature either, so he always waited for the encounter. “The ocean is such a fascinating place and it’s even more fascinating to explore it when you really understand a little of what you’re observing,” said Hathaway, who is the founder of the Young Ocean Explorers platform, which encourages children to explore marine life.



Source: RedeTV