Discovery of the Titanic was Thanks to the Secret Mission of the US Navy

The discovery of the remains of the Titanic, which occurred on September 1, 1985, was thanks to a secret mission of the United States Navy entrusted to the American oceanographer Robert Ballard.

This story is told in detail in the new exhibition of National Geographic called: “Titanic: The Untold Story”, which was inaugurated last Wednesday in Washington, DC, and which details the discovery of oceanographer Robert Ballard, showing elements recovered from survivors and lifeboats.

Ballard approached the US Navy to ask for funds in the use of a technology he believed could find the remains of the British ocean liner, however, the military asked him to use such robotic instruments to find the submarines USS Thresher and the USS Scorpion, which sank in the north of the Atlantic Ocean during the height of the Cold War.

Ballard proposed to Ronald Thunman, then deputy chief of naval operations, that the facade would be that they were finding the remains of the Titanic in this area of the Atlantic ocean. “You are crazy, but you fulfill your mission, I do not care what you do with the rest of your time,” explained Thunman.

After analyzing the remains of the two submarines, Ballard and his team had only twelve days to find the remains of the Titanic, a case that he studied thoroughly and where he applied a different technique to other researchers.

“I thought maybe I should not look for the Titanic, but calculate its waste field. More or less as if he wanted to photograph a deer that hides in the winter, he would look for his tracks and follow in his footsteps, “the oceanographer pointed out.

Discovery of the Titanic was Thanks to the Secret Mission of the US Navy

Finally, at dawn on September 1, 1985, with a calm and moonless sea, Ballard’s robotic submersible technology delivered images of the Titanic’s caldera.

“We were in the same place where Titanic sank. We were there, “said Ballard.


Source: Plaza de Armas