‘Demonstration of Force’: American Journalist Comments on Russian Military Parade

The US channel CNN described the naval parade, dedicated to Russia’s Navy Day, as an important demonstration of strength. According to the media, Russian President Vladimir Putin showed the younger war models.

In recent weeks, there has been an improvement in relations between President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, who spoke about nuclear disarmament and the establishment of ties between the two countries, said the correspondent for the Frederik Channel Pleitgen.

“I think among other things, the Russians show with these maneuvers, and especially with today’s parade, demonstration of maritime force, that ‘you can improve relations with us, but you must understand that we are still a very strong military power’ “said the correspondent.

However, according to the journalist, with the military parade, the Russian leader recalled that the United States should not ignore its military power in establishing a dialogue on various issues.

“In recent years, the Russians have invested a lot of time and money in modernizing their Armed Forces, and especially the Navy. That is what they are now demonstrating,” he said.

Among the ships that participated in the parade, the North American correspondent highlighted a stealth frigate, as well as the submarine nicknamed “aircraft carrier killer.”

“In other words, the Russians say that on the one hand, they want to improve relations, something very difficult to achieve now, but on the other, they show that their forces are constantly being modernized,” concluded Frederik Pleitgen.

However, Russia has repeatedly reiterated that the country does not threaten anyone, nor does it plan to use military potential for offensive and aggressive purposes. Russia’s military doctrine has an exclusively defensive character.

Demonstration of Force American Journalist Comments on Russian Military Parade

Around 4,000 soldiers from the Baltic, Northern, Black and Caspian fleets participated in the main naval parade of the Navy this year, more than 40 warships and 38 naval aviation aircraft.



Source: Sputnik News