Dead Manatees Are Appearing on the Shores of Mexico and the Reason is a Mystery

Almost 30 dead manatees have been found on the shores of a river in Tabasco, Mexico, and no one knows what the reason is. Know everything you know.

Once again, a species of aquatic mammal is in danger in the waters of Mexico. After the terrible news about the vaquita marina, which is on the way to extinction, it has been discovered that at least 28 manatees have been found dead on the swampy shores of the Bitzal River, in Tabasco.

Found by fishermen who travel the river daily, it is reported that the bodies of manatees have appeared since May of this year. Now, several groups have begun to investigate the cause of the deaths of these mammals.

Although local fishermen have decided to blame a nearby refinery of Pemex, the giant oil company in Mexico, several studies have failed to find evidence of contamination. CONAGUA recently conducted water tests on this river, but no spills or traces of oil were found in the water, or pesticides or metals that could have poisoned the fauna.

So far, the reason for these deaths (as well as a large number of fish) remains a mystery. It has been considered the growth of microalgae that causes a ” red tide “, heavy metals in the water as lead (which was already discarded) and mainly, extreme temperature changes in the habitat of the manatees.

The only thing that is certain is that something bad is happening in the river’s ecosystem. Environmental care authorities have decided to capture 30 manatees in the nearby area in order to protect them in a nearby nature reserve. However, these animals can reach up to 500 kilograms of weight, so their capture and transfer is quite difficult.

Dead Manatees Are Appearing on the Shores of Mexico and the Reason is a Mystery

The investigations will continue in the area, but until a specific cause is found, the animals, the plants and those that survive from the resources of the river will continue to be in serious danger.


Source: FayerWayer