‘Dangerous Game’: Russia’s ‘Black Holes’ Prevent British Submarines from Attacking Syria

Russia’s “black holes” have not let the British submarine attack Syria, the media writes. The military expert Viktor Baranets, in an interview with the Russian service of Radio Sputnik, commented on these maneuvers.

The British submarine was not able to participate in the military operation against Syria, as it had to maneuver in opposition to Russian submarines, writes the Times newspaper.

The daily reports that a British Astute-class submarine, equipped with cruise missiles, “played cat and mouse” in the Mediterranean Sea with one or two Russian submarines classified by Western experts as “black holes” because they were very quiet.

The issue notes that the British submarine also had to escape two Russian frigates and an antisubmarine aircraft. In this respect, the submarine could not get close enough to carry out attacks against Syria, although before the submarine tried to avoid the detection by several days.

According to the Times, these “black holes” were submarines of the Kilo class, in the NATO designation, that left the base of Tartus in Syria.

Military analyst Viktor Baranets commented in an interview to the Russian service of Radio Sputnik the actions of the Russian military.

“Two British Royal Navy submarines were expected to attack Syria with cruise missiles, but in the same region there were also two Black Sea Fleet diesel submarines that were constantly occupying a position that prevented British attacks on Syria from submerged position “, he said.

For Baranets, these maneuvers were a kind of “dangerous game.” Russian submarines are known to be stationed in the eastern Mediterranean, and a US naval group is also expected to arrive in the region by the end of April.

“Of course our submarines will closely monitor the behaviour of these ships,” concluded Baranets.

Last Saturday (14), the United States, France and the United Kingdom launched air strikes against Syria in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons on the outskirts of Damascus in Douma.

Dangerous game Russias black holes prevent British submarines from attacking Syria

The attacks were carried out on the same day that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) mission would begin investigating the alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma after blaming the alleged incident immediately attributed to Damascus by the West.

After the charges, the Syrian government categorically denied involvement in the alleged attack and declared that air strikes are a “brutal assault.”


Source: Sputnik News