The Damaged Elbe Tank Barge Being Pumped Out and Refloated 

The large curved U-curve of the Elbe knows Roland Belitz well. “This is my daily round with Inge,” says the Coswiger. Inge, his big Swiss Mountain Dog, however, struck on Tuesday evening just like its owner at this point, a little southeast of the city of Coswig.

“There were two ships on the other shore”, Belitz shows a day later, to where in the sunshine the forest house Rosenwiesche lies. On Wednesday morning, however, only a Tankmotorschiff anchored on the Elbe, but now near the Coswiger shore side.

This also fits in with the descriptions of Lutz Wendt, spokesman for the Magdeburg water police. “A tanker crashed near Coswig on Tuesday at 9:40 am,” he says. Due to a sudden blockade of the steering gear, the skipper could no longer maneuver his vehicle, he informed the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung on request.

The ship was loaded with urea. “Another tanker came to his colleague on Tuesday to help and has dragged him out of the fairway,” said Wendt. Thus, the closure of the water navigation route has been limited to a short time. “Luckily, not much is happening on the Elbe right now,” the spokesman said.

On the spot in Coswig, of course, the incident got around quickly. At the end of Kapstraße in the direction of the Elbe on Wednesday all the curious were looking for. A short walk over the snowy field and walkers had a good view of the barge, which is flying the flag of the Netherlands and is traveling for the company TL Tanker Logistics. The company is based in Moers. CEO Gert-Jan van Sierenberg de Boer is on Wednesday in the case of accident at Coswig hard busy, he apologizes to an employee on the phone.

But at least Lutz Wendt knows on this day of further action with the “Talo”, which does not progress on its own power. According to Wendt, the ship, which already helped on Tuesday, agreed to pump out the urea and tow the colleague.

“However, it had to go to the Roßlau harbor to get rid of its own charged urea,” explains Wendt. A good hour would take the pumping, he estimated for Wednesday afternoon. “Then they both drive side by side, in packs, to Roßlau.” Lutz Wendt assumes that the damage will be rectified there as well.

Of course, the spokesman of the water police knows that lying and downtime for the freight forwarders on the Elbe loss mean. It is therefore natural for captains to help one another. To his knowledge, the two ships would not belong to a forwarding company. “They agree with each other, how they deal with the aid on the Elbe financially.”

Above all, it was important to the man of the water police that the crew and shipping traffic were not exposed to danger. In this regard, Lutz Wendt can calm down. “Something like that can happen, it’s not that unusual,” he says.

For the neighbors it was but then. Roland Belitz glanced over with Inge in the afternoon. The city administration of Coswig sent a colleague who photographed the damaged ship for the Chronicle and Facebook.

ELBE Damaged Tanker

When Wittenberger fertilizer producer SKW, from which the cargo came, at least knew about the breakdown on the Elbe. “The incident is known to us,” said a spokeswoman, but without further comments on the incident.


Source: Mitteldeutsche Zietung