Cutting Sheet for Polar Expedition Cruising In China

The Chinese shipyard CMIH celebrates its first sheet metal cut of the first polar expedition cruiser it is building, in a series of six. It is the principle of “made in China” cruises.

On March 16, the China Merchants Industry Holding Ltd. (CMIH) shipyard celebrated the sheet cutting of its first polar expedition cruise and signed the construction contract for the second ship at Haimen shipyard, based in Jiangsu.

The first vessel belongs to a series of expedition cruises that will be built at CMIH, which is leading the construction of cruises in China.

The SunStone shipping company is in this case the ship-owner who has hired the Chinese shipyard for the construction of this series of 4 + 6 polar expedition cruisers.

CMHI signed an agreement with the Norwegian Ulstein Design & Solutions, which will be responsible for the design of the vessel and equipment, and will supervise the construction of the series. He also entered into agreements with the Finnish Mäkinen, specialized in cruise interiors, who will be responsible for all the work of interior spaces in the shipyard.

The ship of the new polar expedition series has a total length of 104.4 m and a beam of 18.4 m. Its draft is 5.1 m, the design speed is 15.5 knots, and it will have ice class 1A notation and Polar regulation of Category B. It will be classified by Bureau Veritas and will carry the Bahamas flag. It will carry advanced electric propulsion and control system, which will provide technical advantages in design, safety, comfort, and noise and energy consumption.

The national construction of cruises has been driven by the Chinese policy of “Made in China 2025”, in response to internal demands arising from the rapid development of the cruise industry. With the aim of building the entire production chain of the cruise industry, and developing new production lines, CMIH has developed the manufacture of cruises as one of the development plans to become the most advanced builder. China aims to accumulate experience and constructive skills gradually to build medium and large cruisers, reaching the goal of “Cruise Ships Made in China”.


In a solid and effective way, CMHI has promoted the planning of the design and construction of the cruise, and carried out related work, such as the construction of support facilities and professional planning and design. The shipyard has the conviction of being able to provide constructions of high reliability and quality to ship-owners from all over the world.


Source: Sector Maritimo