Crucero Rescues Fishermen Lost 23 Days At Sea

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Two Costa Rican fishermen survived 3 weeks in a small boat.

A cruise of the Royal Caribbean company rescued two fishermen aboard a small boat that had been lost for 20 days in Caribbean waters.

The two men, of Costa Rican nationality, were rescued Friday between Jamaica and Grand Cayman Island, when the Empress of the Seas cruiser deviated from its usual route to avoid bad weather.

The fishermen left Puerto Limón, in Costa Rica, and had been adrift since December 1.

The company’s meteorologist, James Van Fleet, said in his Twitter account that after being rescued, the men said they had food only for 7 days.

Crucero Rescues Fishermen Lost 23 Days At Sea

The ship was not scheduled to be there, but took an alternate route because the pre-established weather was bad, Fleet added. “It’s an absolute miracle,” said Van Fleet, who described the rescue as “pure luck, alignment of the stars and God.”

“I do not know about you. But I already saw a Christmas Miracle, after being found alive after 20 days at sea, “he added.


Source: Telemundo47