Crocodile Bites the Hand of the Coach in the Middle of the Show

The show at the Thai zoo went down into chaos when one of the crocodiles leaned over the coach’s arm in front of a terrible crowd.

This is a terrible moment when a furious crocodile bites the coach’s hand in front of dozens of terrifying viewers on the show.

The gory spectacle unfolded at Phokkathara Zoo in Chiang Rai, in northern Thailand, yesterday after the crook was obviously enough to be teased.

The video, shot by the observer, shows a reptile processor performing a trick that included capturing the jaws of the creature.

When he began to push deeper into his throat, he looked at the audience before telling the speaker to stop the music.

But the reptile threw back – suddenly felled and clenched her teeth in the man’s forearm before shaking it from side to side.

The performer was heard, showing an agonizing howl before freeing and stunning blood dripping onto the wet tiles.

An amazing scene was captured by the 35-year-old Xun Fusavit, who visited the Fokkarara Crocodile Farm and the zoo with his wife Nok and their two children.

Mr. Phusawit said: “The show was very good until it happened. I hope that this person is OK, and he will recover soon.

“Everyone was shocked when it happened. The children got a little scared.

“I watched the video many times to see how it happened, and the crocodile does not seem to like having a hand in his mouth.”

The owner of the crocodile park Dong Vittavat said today that the coach, who was bitten, was treated on the farm, bandaging his hand.

Dong Vittavat said: “The performer is fine. His name is Tao, he is 45 years old.

“A crocodile does not have a name.

“He was treated on the farm with a bandage. He loves crocodiles, and soon he will again work in the next two weeks. For this very rarely happens. ”

The crocodile farm of Phokkathara includes a live show and houses dozens of different kinds of animals.


Original Source: The Sun