Crew Member Gets Off Boat in Spain with Three Kilos of Cocaine Hidden in his Motorcycle

The Civil Guard stopped a crew member of a ship from Huelva last Tuesday, March 13, in possession of three kilos of cocaine. The man was intercepted in a routine check out of the port.

The Civil Guard stopped a crew member of a ship from Huelva on the afternoon of Tuesday as alleged perpetrator of a crime against public health (drug trafficking) to intercept three kilos of cocaine hidden in the trunk of his motorcycle. The arrested was intercepted during a routine check of passengers and goods made by the Civil Guard of the Port of La Luz and Las Palmas at the point of departure from the port area. After checking his identity, the agents proceeded to search the security of the arrested and during the verification of his motorcycle found three kilos of cocaine.

At that time, the man was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against public health, according to sources close to the investigation. During the afternoon of this Wednesday, and under the supervision of the judicial delegation, a detailed search was made of the ship that remains moored in the Sphinx Pier, in the Port of La Luz and Las Palmas.

Image of the device deployed in the place this Wednesday

Agents of the Civil Guard have participated in this device, among them the Cynological Team of the armed institute (canine guides) and members of the judicial committee. The arrested, present in the same, has an employment relationship with the company of the ship in which he arrived from Huelva made by which the ship was analyzed.

The investigation remains open and new arrests or the discovery of more narcotic drugs are not ruled out.


Source: Canarias7