Crew of AHTS Stranded in Durban 

Eight out of the 11 crew on board the “PSD2” have been stranded at the port of Durban following the detention of their vessel. The 11 crew members have not been paid for up to 15 months according to the Catholic Charity Apostleship of the Sea (AoS). The charity discovered that ten crew members were owed nine months’ wages and one had not been paid for 15 months.

Apparently, the company kept delaying payment, promising to pay but never doing so. Arrangements are being made for the vessel to be sold and the eight crew members are expected to be paid and be repatriated when this happens. The remaining crew (the master and two engineer officers) were not allowed to leave the port. Additionally, the crew were also in need of food and fresh water, while two crew needed medical attention.

Psd2 Vessel

The vessel, which arrived in Durban on Dec 10, 2017, from Mozambique, also had pest problems. AoS was able to secure an emergency grant of £1,000 from the Guild of Benevolence of the IMarEST (The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology) for medical bills, food and sanitation.


Source: Vessel Tracker