Creature Similar to Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster Found on Shore (VIDEO)

Earlier this week a man, identified as Jeff Warren, made a surprising discovery while walking with his son to the shore of the beach at the Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia.

Warren and his son came across the corpse of a strange creature stranded on the beach and being attacked by birds. As they approached, they noticed that it bore a great resemblance to a prehistoric creature known as Plesiosaurus and whose anatomy is very similar to the accounts of the famous Loch Ness Monster of Scotland, or as the residents of the American town, Althamaha or Altie, know it as Sweetie.

After the disturbing discovery, Jeff Warren took some photos and a video of the creature , which showed some patrons of the nearby Skipper’s Fish House, where they told him about the Altie legend, the equivalent of the alleged Scottish monster in Georgia.

According to experts in marine biology from the US Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the strange creature could be a small specimen of a decaying peaked shark, adding that, when entering this state, these creatures usually have a reduction of the area of ​​the head, giving that aspect of having a long neck that resembles the prehistoric animal.

Despite the marked skepticism with which the experts have taken the finding, the corpse still continues to be studied.


Source: lanetanoticias