Crane Arrives in Norway that will Refloat the Frigate Manufactured in Ferrol and Sunk Since Day 13

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The Nordic Navy maintains that there is a risk that the Helge Ingstad will be submerged even more.

The Gulliver crane, of the Luxembourg flag, is already in Hanoytangen, in the vicinity of where the Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad sank, to participate in the ship’s refloating tasks. According to the information published by the newspaper Bergens Tidende, in the operation, scheduled for the next few days, a twin crane will also participate, Rambiz, which will arrive in the area tomorrow.

The Navy has reported that there is still a risk that the frigate, fourth in the series of five that were manufactured in Ferrol, will sink further into the sea. Additionally, it warns that the climatic conditions, the stability of the ship and the risk of contamination are other factors to take into account to carry out the tasks entrusted.

Also, begin to transcend in the country the personal statements of the endowment that travelled last November 8 when there was a collision with tanker Sola. Thus, the mentioned newspaper collects some words of Pål André Gustavson, cook of the ship, who stressed that, if the accident had reached another part of the ship, it would end up destroyed. The young man was currently sleeping in a cabin in the area that was perforated as a result of the collision.



Source: La Voz de Galicia