Corpse Recovered of a Man Who Fell Into the Sea in Cabo Peñas

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The victim, a 54-year-old Langarian, rushed from a height of ninety meters.

The corpse of a 54-year-old neighbour of Langreo was rescued from the sea yesterday in the area known as La Graviera in Cabo Peñas for emergency services.

According to several witnesses, the event took place at noon. Several people who were visiting the area observed that there was a body floating in the water and they sounded the alarm, with which the rescue operation was launched, still not knowing that this person had died after the fall.

The victim, JLLT, for reasons that are unknown, rushed to the sea from a height of between eighty and ninety meters from the cliff of La Gaviera. The man was detected by a group of ornithologists who were watching birds at Cabo Peñas. “With the binoculars, we could see several times as he sat on the rocks until, after standing up, we lost sight of him so we immediately gave notice to the strangeness of not seeing him in the area,” they said.

From the bar, Four Winds, told their employees, what happened to the 112-Asturias Emergency Service. “Once we saw that the body was among the rocks at the bottom of the cliff, the alarm was given. In addition, the victim’s vehicle was parked in the vicinity of the bar, “says one of the waitresses still visibly affected.

A helicopter firefighter from the Emergency Service of the Principality of Asturias (SEPA) travelled to the site, who after making a first trace on the coast located the body floating in the sea and found that it was a corpse. In the rescue work, a crew of the Civil Guard participated, who took charge of the transfer of the corpse to put it at the disposal of the forensic service.

Corpse Recovered of a Man Who Fell Into the Sea in Cabo Peñas


Sources from the Armed Institute confirmed later that it could have been an accidental fall, although all these data are being analyzed by forensic experts.

The entire rescue device was followed by the many visitors who were in the area yesterday, who were shocked. “It is a unique natural place, but witnessing the rescue of a dead person always impresses,” they commented.


Source: El Comercio